MK Porush Suspended From Knesset for Handcuff Incident

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meir-porushThe Knesset Ethics Committee has suspended MK Meir Porush of United Torah Judaism from delivering speeches in the plenum for 14 days as a punishment for handcuffing himself to the podium fourt months ago.

The incident took place in July and Yuli Edelstein, the speaker of the Knesset, filed a complaint to the Ethics Committee short after the incident.

Porush handcuffed himself to protest against a bill mandating that chareidim join the Israeli army.

See a video of the incident below:

[media id=1689 width=400 height=300]

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  1. The Kneset is a circus. This is a bezoin HaTorah. There is more respect at the Gran Central station than at the kneset. The Medina has become a parody.

  2. If the Knesset was smart, they would have just ignored it. Instead, they make a big deal and Porush accomplished what he set out to do. So who is smarter? Porush.

  3. All he has done is make charedim look petulant and child like. Didn’t get my candy and I’m gonna have a tantrum. Sadly everyone else sees this as the leadership of charedim

  4. Remember the women kneset member that poured a cup of water in the kneset on another member a few months before the porush story? she wasn’t from the chariedi party, did she also got a punishment or not?

  5. How come Arabs MKs are permitted to openly speak, incite and work against Israel from the Knesset chambers but a
    Jewish MK making a symbolic
    gesture that doesnt hurt anyone get put down!

  6. Remember e.g. around 3 years ago, a charedi mk was punched in the face and the assaulter (Hartouch?)walked away unpunished.

    The only surprise is that some expect otherwise.

    The double standard would be considered outright racism/anti semitism anywhere else.

    But,charedim are still demanded to be loyal citizens

  7. Those who berate Porush for tantrums and stunts apparently have no idea how Knesset debates work.

    Porush knew that the only way he’d be able to say what he needed to say was if they couldn’t get him away from the podium.

    These antics occur all the time in the Knesset. As other commenters have noted, what Porush did was mild in comparison, and MKs who have engaged in far more disruptive behavior have gotten away with not so much as a peep from any “ethics committees.”

  8. Look at the turkeys trying to remove the cuffs! Did they ever consider shutting of the sound? Noooo. Porush is SHEFER! Well done!


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