MK Yechimovich: Stop Airing Racist Comments About Chareidim

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chareidimLabor Party Chairwoman MK Shelly Yechimovich criticized the Israeli media on Wednesday over its ongoing incitement against the chareidi-religious Jews. Her comments came in the wake of the recent overhyped media reports about the gender segregation among chareidim.

Yechimovich expressed her resentment over the fact that media does not screen racist comments.

“During the reports about last night’s demonstration in Beit Shemesh, there was a clip of one protester saying ‘the chareidim breed like cockroaches,’ she said. “I worked for many years in the media and these kinds of sayings need to be removed during editing. They are not at all appropriate for airing.”

“I express deep reservations about these things which are nothing but racist incitement, and certainly in Israel where Jews gathered after the Holocaust, it is unacceptable that such a statement would be uttered by an Israeli citizen about any part of the population in Israel,” Yechimovich added.

She said that Israelis should in no way get used to making racist comments in general and against chareidim in particular.

“Just as I speak my mind regarding the exclusion of women and speak out against this phenomenon, I am outraged about such racist expressions,” Yechimovich said.

She called on the media to edit out racist comments against hareidim just as it would on any other topic being aired.

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{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. We breed “like cockroaches” Well, we religious Jews contribute to Jewishness by adding more Jews to the world. They contribute by bringing more Thailandese.

    But the truth is I am not insulted by those comments I’m insulted by the fact that we have given such a bad example to non religious Jews
    That have caused them to hate us so much.
    I believe that Judaism if practiced in a real honest form can transform any human being just by the example. We go to the Knesset to enforce our view and ask for money while asking for exception from the army. As with antisemitism, we have to do our part to prevent this hate.
    There are those that think falsely that this hate is diminished by compromise or dishonest and convenient presentation of the Torah….NO SO! The most hateful of the Chilonim will succumb to Toras Emes but we most concentrate in ourselves more than in them to make it work.

  2. Hey, Duvie: If you can’t keep a civil tongue in your mouth (or on your keyboard) then just keep quiet. How would you like to be addressed in that way?
    Grow up and BE A MENTCH!!

  3. #2 “Rabbi Goldstein”.

    Certainly “we” must do eveything in our power to set the best possible example, in representing Torah etc etc etc.

    There are extremists who are a problem, and there may be some who aren’t extremists that may be less than perfect.All of those things need fixing/improving- true.

    HOWEVER it must be realized what the situation in E”Y REALLY is, and what type of conscious vendetta there is by some(MANY) chilonim (media ,politicians among them) against “chareidim”, against Torah , against observance. This is a fact many of even the secular admit and denounce.

    IF you realize this(didn’t sound like you do) then you realize that it is faaaaaar from a simple matter of giving them “toras emes”.
    There is a deep powerful intentional ‘rishus’ that cannot easily be cured NO MATTER HOW “WE” ACT


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