MKs Join to Remember Murdered Minister Rehavam Ze’evi


rechavam-zeeviA day after it dispersed itself, the Knesset on Tuesday held a special memorial session in memory of Tourism Minister Rechavam Ze’evi, murdered by Arab terrorists during the second intifada. MKs from most of the Knesset’s member parties joined together to remember “Gandhi,” as he was called, after he was murdered on October 17, 2001, as he left a hotel on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.

“We miss Gandhi today more than ever,” Knesset Speaker MK Reuven Rivlin said during the session. “We miss his honesty, a rare quality in politics today. We miss his clear, ideological voice, his leadership, his larger than life presence. Unlike many dreamers, and a long line of leaders who thought they could change the reality of this region, Gandhi was a different breed. He was the type of leader who acknowledged reality, and did not become confused between what they wanted, wished and hoped for, and between what was possible.”

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