Modi’in Illit Newspaper Fined for Publishing Ad for Chabad ‘Toras HaGeulah,’ Likutei Sichos’ Shiurim

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modiinillitchabadshiurim[See the ad here.] The committee monitoring the local newspapers in Modi’in Illit has rejected an advertisement, gaining the wrath of local Lubavitcher residents. The incident gaining attention comes as the committee gave a NIS 5,000 fine on a local newspaper in Modi’in Illit for publishing an ad calling on the general public to participate in shiurim on Toras HaGeulah, Likutei Sichos, Tanya and other topics at a local Chabad library.

The owner of the newspaper was first called to bais din, with the possibility of taking strong action against the operation of the publication. Instead, it handed down a fine of NIS 5,000.

Mispallelim at the local Chabad shul were enraged. “It is unthinkable not to be able to run ads like that,” they said.

All that has been said publically is that the “content is incompatible with the view of most residents.” Israel tonight spoke with someone somewhat familiar with the situation who said that the whole story has not been reported in the Israeli press and there could be good reason for the objection to the ad, but suggested that “the less that is said the better at this point.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. Live and let live.
    Do you purchase every item that is advertised?
    Do you attend every shiur that is advertised?
    Do you go to every concert that is advertised?
    Have people make their own decisions. If there is a chabad community in Modiim that this newspaper services then there is a reason for the ad.

  2. They said “It is incompatible with the view of most residents.” So what? Most ads I see online are “incompatible” with my views, but I don’t want them to be deleted. What is the problem here. It sounds like someone is taking political correctness a little too far.

  3. There is no GREATER advertising of these shiurim than banning the advertisements!

    I’d be much more impressed if the “committee” attended each shiur and if and when they came to something they felt was K’fira or the like that they a) engage the person making the claims, and then b) publish the issue and discussion. That’s what I’d call responsible journalism, but I guess that’s asking for too much in our generation.

  4. we as Yidden face threats currently around the world and a Haman in our dor. We must unite and not resort to name calling.

  5. I am not Lubavitch, but this is nothing less than sinas Lubavitch.
    Why should there be opposition to any Jewish text being taught? Torah is Torah.

  6. Machloikis shelo lishem shumayim, thats wat this fine is all about, who can deny firstly if chabad have a phone line in every country to listen to any daf in shas which is really beautifull, and that was included in this advert, and secondly, as long as there was no mishichista kfira in this advert then whats the problem, I mean looking at the list there doesnt seem to be any kfira, and so the ban and the fine is pure pettiness, more fit for a 4 year old in gan, and third of all why the machloikis?

  7. It is imperative for Lubavitch religious leaders to repudiate the false doctrine
    purporting that a niftar was/is “Moshiakh.”

    (This condemnation is not directed against individuals belonging to that cult, since many of them have been misled.)


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