Modzitzer Rebbe’s Son Beaten On Friday Night

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modzitzer-rebbeThis past Friday night, in the heart of the city of Bnei Brak, a son of the Modzitzer Rebbe was attacked while walking with his wife and daughter. Passersby who saw the incident rushed to assist the Rebbe’s son, holding down the Shababnik who committed the beating.

The Rebbe’s son had been on his way home from davening. The attack occurred on Rechov Harav Shach, near the Itzkowitz Shul.

The unprovoked attack left local residents deeply disturbed. The attacker reportedly hit the Rebbe’s son and also kicked over a baby stroller carrying his infant.

Observers held down the attacker until police arrived.

The motive of the attacker is still unclear.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Oy Hashem yirachem, why are these so called shibabniks doing these things? I think that there’s a strong element of jealousy and self guilt involved. But this plague has to be dealt with, these self guilt kids need help! They probably never got hugs and kisses as kids!

  2. To SG
    Pinchaos was a kana’i. This attacker is a thug. Pinchos received a bris shalom and kehunah as a reward for his kana’us l’shem shamayim.
    Some authority, if it exists, must put out a kol korei against the criminals.

  3. What if he wasn’t the Modzhitzer Rebbes son? What if he was just Shmoe the local plumber, then the attack would have justified???

  4. Shebabnik is somebody who went off the derech! Its shocking that they’ve reached such low levels. Its not the first incident though, they’ve already killed people in Israel.


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