Moishy Holtzberg: ‘I Want to Go Where Abba and Imma Are’

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moishy-holtzberg1[Audio below.] Moishy Holtzberg, “the child of all of Klal Yisroel,” remembers his parents and asks about them, his grandfather revealed in a radio interview Friday. “He is a wise child. Moishy remembers many things,” Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg told Israel’s Reshet Beit station, ahead of the first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack.

His daughter Rivki and her husband Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg were murdered in their Chabad House in India along with four other Jews.

Their son Moishy, under the custody of his grandparents in the northern Israeli city of Afula, will be celebrating his upshern.

“Sandra is still in Israel and is very close to Moishy,” Rabbi Rosenberg said about the Indian nanny Sandra Samuel who heroically saved the child from his home after terrorists seized the Chabad center and killed its occupants. “(Moishy) talks about it from time to time,” Rabbi Rosenberg added. “He asks where are Abba and Ima and we answer that they are in heaven.

“Two weeks ago he replied, ‘so I also want to go to heaven where Abba and Ima are.’ We didn’t know what to answer and changed the subject.”

On Rosh Chodesh Kislev, family and friends will visit their kevorim on Har Hazeisim in Yerushalayim. A large event later that day in Kfar Chabad will also mark Moishy’s upsherin

Listen to the interview in Hebrew by clicking here.

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  1. If he ever asks again to go with him mother and father, please give him a hug and tell him you are so glad he is here with you, and that his parents look down with love and pride at him and daven for him to live his life fully as a G-d fearing, proud Jew.

    May HaShem, the Avi Yesomim, have rachmanus on Moshele and on all of K’lal Yisroel.

  2. I hope the tears that klal yisroel and myself continue to shed for this boy and his parents will help fill up the cup near hashem and he will send mashicah very soon!


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