Rivkah Kravetz a”h


candle-small6A 14-month old Monsey girl has passed away after being critically injured last night upon being struck by a minivan in the driveway of a home. The girl, Rivkah Kravetz a”h, is a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Pesach and Avigayil (nee Gorelick) Kravetz.

Police and medics with the Hatzolah Ambulance Corps arrived at 38 Monsey Heights Road in Airmont, NY, shortly before 6:30 p.m. and found that the girl had sustained serious head injuries.

The girl was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern and later airlifted to Westchester Medical Center for additional treatment.

Umacha Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim.

Boruch dayan emes.

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  1. The Kravetz family is special. Hashem should give them koach. Hakadosh Boruch Hu only gives what one can handle and obviously this mishpacha chashuvah is indeed precious in Hashem’s Eyes. They are beautiful people, choshuve people, loving people, loving parents, and we are all here with you, because this tzaar is ours as much as it is yours. We are all sitting shivah over this beautiful young girl who was taken from our midst.
    May Rabbi and Mrs. Kravetz have a nechama.

    I would encourage my fellow Yidden to use this forum here to share words of chizuk and nechama to everyone who knows this family, and to the family, and to all of u8s who are sitting shivah together over this tragedy.

    Umacha Hashem

  2. boruch dayan emes. my heart goes out to the Kravetz family who are such wonderful people. May they have a nechama b’soch she’ar avayley tzion.

    And I beg of everyone not to post stupid comments or to make stupid comments at the shiva. I have a relative who went thru this nisayon and the stupic things people said online and at the shiva was mind boggling. If you have no words of chizuk and nechama then please keep your mouth shut!

  3. The pain is too great to be able to express the proper words regarding this tragedy.

    May Hashem, with his endless passion, strengthen these wonderful parents and family to be able to overcome the pain and continue on with their lives and responsibilities.

    As for all of us, this is a loud message from Hashem for each of us to better ourselves in whatever needs to be fixed. We cannot point on any specific issue regarding the Klal as we are not Neviim.

    Hashem Yerachem on all of Klal Yisroel and give us a Gut Gebentched Yur.

  4. Effective listening and speaking is a skill that needs to be talk. People do NOT want to naturally cause tzar to others, they just do not realize the potency of their words.

  5. #2 wrote “Hakadosh Boruch Hu only gives what one can handle and obviously this mishpacha chashuvah is indeed precious in HashemÂ’s Eyes.”

    Together with my wife we went through the pain of loosing a child (of 5 months old). That comment is so hurting! That’s not what people want to hear when they are in such pain! Bentsch them that H-shem should give them the koach to continue to carry on.

    H-shem oz lamo yeetain H-shem y’vuraich es amo bashalom!

  6. Our dear freind Avigayil our heart goes out to you, your tzar is our tzar
    we all love you hear at the new square pre-k
    you are the best director and boss one can have

  7. As a father who also went through loosing a child (15 Month old) i very much agree to LOOK n comment #8, I hope people will eventually learn not to say such things, especially when coming to be “menachem uvel”

    To abbi and Mrs. Kravetz, our hearts are with you.
    May Hashem give you the strength to cope with this overwhelming nisayon.


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