Montreal Area Home Has Clause Preventing Sale To Jews

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A Montreal-area home contains a clause in its deed preventing its sale to a Jewish person, JTA reported on Tuesday.

It is the second home near that city discovered to contain such a “servitude clause” barring sale to anyone of Jewish origin.

A spokesperson for Quebec Justice Minister Sonia LeBel told the Montreal Gazette that the government will seek a “collective remedy” to ensure homeowners do not have to go to court to strike the clause from their sale documents.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. This is common in America as well. Mostly excluding Blacks. Where I live it’s almost impossible to remove and it would be very expensive to do so. Since they are null and void and have no bearing, most people don’t care. There are a lot more important things for Jews to worry about than an unenforceable line in a deed.

  2. This is becoming like the swastica. Any time there’s a incident somewhere in the world we all need to know about it?? News flash! Goyim hate Jews. Always did always will until mashiach comes. Learn how to live in galus and stop worrying about every bigot anywhere in the world


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