More Than 100 Gang Members Arrested In Largest Takedown In NYC History

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Two rival crews were busted Wednesday by the feds and NYPD in the largest gang takedown in city history, the New York Post reports. A total of 120 violent thugs from the Big Money Bosses and the 2Fly YGz gang were brought down by nearly 700 cops and federal authorities in an early-morning raid that targeted multiple housing projects, officials said.

Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said in announcing the arrests that the gangs “have been at war with each other for decades.”

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton called the busts “the single largest takedown in modern New York history,” adding “it will go a long way toward ending violence” in the area. Read more: New York Post




  1. If they didn’t have welfare and almost free housing, consequently had to work in order to eat like the rest of us, consequently didn’t have all this free time on their hands, they wouldn’t have time to engage in all this professional protests, gangs, drug use, and other forms of obnoxious street behavior.

      • Are you too intoxicated to read? Here’s a recap: Criminal/protester/street behavior requires lots of free time, which is provided by the ability to eat without working – i.e. welfare and similar programs. If they were forced to be busy providing for themselves, they wouldn’t have time to engage in the street behavior even if they really wanted to.


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