Morris: Dems Preemptively ‘Intimidated’ SCOTUS On Packing

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All the campaign talk about packing the Supreme Court, if not term limits on justices, was by design in the Democrats’ election playbook to “intimidate,” according presidential strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

“The Supreme Court is after justice, of course, but primarily they are after making sure the Supreme Court survives – that’s their institution and that’s their duty,” Morris told Saturday’s “The Count.” “I believe the Supreme Court was sent a message by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party during the election.

“And the message was: ‘If you overturn this election, we will pack you, and make your Court basically meaningless.”

Morris made the bold statement as his explanation for why the SCOTUS refused to hear an “original jurisdiction” case put forth by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in Texas v. Pennsylvania. The Court rejected the case on “standing,” but there is no place to hear a state versus state case other than SCOTUS, Paxton lamented to host Tom Basile earlier in the show.

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  1. No, it is the constitution alito, thomas and gorsuch not going to be intimidated. Hey, why didn’t NY and California sue Florida during Bush v Gore. This is stupid and specifically targeted to the people who watch fox news.

  2. There will be no packing of the Supreme Court. The votes aren’t there even if Dems win both the Georgia Senate runoffs. And Biden refuses to support it. Morris knows all this he is just a sore loser.

    • How is it that you don’t see any fraud? Are you saying there was no fraud with the machines? And that millions of ballots that came in later and were all for Biden were not fraud? How is it that he had a handful or two of people at his rallies and hardly anyone at his congratulations as the winner? Are you as blind and evil as the Supreme Court of Injustice? Well, whatever the case is, please send us a video of your reaction in the coming days.

    • Yeh, they said the same thing about ssm. Oh please. It will never happen. Etc etc etc. Well, guess what? We now have ssm as the law.

  3. He is absolutely correct. In addition to the fear of court packing that would occur in the event of the senate being controlled by the democrats, scotus must have been 1) threatened especially the 3 justices chosen by the President; 2) the three justices didn’t want to look biased since the President chose them so they “recused” themselves; 3) Roberts exerted enormous pressure on the newbies to not get involved. Alito and Thomas were not afraid and wanted to hear the case – these two are true justices and should be applauded for their courage. We already see that Barr was holding evidence on Hunter Biden (and probably Joe and James Biden) since March and did nothing. He thought it would interfere with the election! In March?? He’s compromised as well as the FBI. There is nowhere to turn in our justice system. Very sad.

    • The 3 justices knuckling down to the evil threats and thus not overturning the totally fabricated so-called “election” though, would for sure destroy their careers. For if, RACHMANA LITZLAN, the wicked Biden and the other wicked Democrats actually get into power, they for sure will “Pack the Court” (greatly increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court and fill those added positions with, of course, radical leftists, who will thus always outvote the 5 conservative judges). Furthermore, several evil Democrats have stated veiled threats and not-so-veiled-threats that they would have (certainly) President Trump himself AND ALSO officials and even plain people who supported Trump thrown in jail and maybe even killed!!


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