Multiple Locations Targeted in Motzei Shabbos Egging Attacks in Apparent Hate Crimes

A group of neighborhood youths went on an egging spree on Motzei Shabbos around Dahill Road in Boro Park, hitting multiple Jewish buildings.
The targets included a shul, a girls’ school, a bus, and multiple residences.


One incident caught on surveillance footage occurred at Khal Bnei Torah Sanz on Dahill Rd, near Cortelyou Rd and 37th St, shortly after Shabbos while mispalelim were still present.

Multiple security cameras captured the group passing the shul and pausing to taunt the people inside. When the shul’s door was opened, they hurled an egg as they made their escape. Shomrim was called and arrived shortly thereafter on the scene. Another location that was targeted nearby was the Belzer girls’ school.

The attacks fit a pattern of harassment that has been plaguing the area in recent weeks, with the perpetrators appearing to originate in the South Asian community that borders Boro Park in the Kensington neighborhood.

Boro Park Shomrim recovered the footage from multiple security cameras documenting the attacks, and the NYPD is currently investigating and searching for the suspects, who possibly face hate crime charges

(Boro Park 24 News)



  1. these kids have no idea why they are doing this. they have no idea what jews are or what they represent. they are doing stupid stuff because they have nothing else to do. they are plain bored! if their churches or schools or communities really cared, there would be clubs, gyms, decent films, chess clubs..the only thing arresting them would do would be to teach them how not to get caught next time. instead of wringing their hands and complaining that their kids are getting ‘picked on’ because of their color, why doesnt someone give them something better to do? boredom always wreaks havoc


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