MYSTERY: What Was Going On With Hillary’s Eyes During Philly Speech?

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The American Mirror reports that during a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to have something quite off about her appearance.

Hillary’s eyes appeared not in-sync with one another, as the left eye looked to be cock-eyed and displaced, especially as she looked towards the left.

A montage of Hillary’s eye-catching moments before a small group of Temple University students can be seen below in footage by The American Mirror.




  1. She looks possessed like a dibbuk. First the head movements. Then the fainting. Now the darting eyes? There is something seriously wrong with her. She might be a nice lady but she really has to seek medical help. She can’t possibly be running for president of the United States. It’s to tough and grueling of a job for her.

  2. I like her tuition free schooling she was talking about. Will those of us who send our kids to Yeshivo’s ever receive the same benefits? Or will they continue to discriminate against Orthodox Jews?


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