Nadler: GOP Budget is Most Radical in Our Lifetime


jerrold-nadler[Video below.] DCCC Chairman Steve Israel is fundraising off the threat of a Federal government shutdown, blaming the “Tea Party Republicans” who want the Democrats to “surrender to their outrageous demands.”

Rep Jerry Nadler called the House GOP budget “the most radical budget we’ve seen in our lifetimes.”

Click below to watch:

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Outrageous demands indeed: don’t spend more than we have, don’t drive the country into hyper-inflation [have you checked grocery and clothing prices lately], don’t raise taxes. Why just the last item is so absurd, it boggles the mind: leave people with their own money, to let them decide what to do with it instead of letting the government spend it on critical items like failing schools, abortions, increasing the number of subsidized single-parent children. Why, if we let people spend their own money, they might have enough for chinuch and other necessities, and wouldn’t have to come begging to us for favors.

    The budget is indeed radical, but perhaps not radical enough. We are seeing the results of decades of liberal thinking in New York – a corrupt teachers’ union, great snow cleanup, miserable schools, a collapsing infrastructure, ever-rising parking rates, having to beg for subsidies for chinuch, high taxes. And that’s with the cash cow that is Wall Street. Not to mention the millionaire’s tax that hits families that earn enough to pay for chinuch for their children.

    Between welfare and government employees, about half of the city is taking money from the other half.

    While “greatest city in the world” Bloomberg spends his weekends in the Bahamas.

    Radical? Not radical enough.


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