Nadvorna Rebbe Speaks Strongly Against Eating Before Tekios

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At the Nadvorna Bais Medrash in Bnei Brak on Rosh Hashanah, the Nadvorna Rebbe spoke strongly against eating before tekias shofar.

This bothers me every year,” he said. “There is a machlokes as to whether one may eat before the blowing of the shofar, and the heter is only for those who are not feeling well or have a weak nature. What has happened is that after Shacharis, people now have a large Kiddush, like a whole seudah, during the break from davening. This is a mistake and not al pi halacha.”

The Rebbe added, “While it is not possible to forbid this outright, because there are people who are weak, I am asking the bochurim not to eat until after Mussaf, like are are noheig [not to eat before] daled minim, tefillin, etc. …And if someone feels weak, he should ask his daas Torah, but he surely should not eat an entire seudah.”

The bochurim followed the Rebbe’s directive and only drank after hearing Kiddush, without eating. Special refreshments were prepared at the Rebbe’s night tish for those who made this kabbolah.

The davening started at 7 a.m. and ended both days at about 5 p.m.

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  1. Wait, so davening started 7 am, ended 5 pm, and no kiddush! The Rebbe is of course correct that this is a major machlokes haPoskim (eating kiddush before tekios) and I can understand not eating if davening started at 7 am and finished, say 1 to 2 pm. But no eating until 5 PM, that is 5 PM! Also, it doesn’t have to be a seudah – a little bit of cake, fruit and drinks should do the trick.

  2. Did they make kiddush before drinking? Isn’t kiddush supposed to be b’makom seuda?
    Mussaf ended at 5? How do you schlep it out so long?

  3. If They only drank, Kiddush was in vein (for the drinkers).
    One can’t be ‘yoitzeh” Kiddush without eating. Unless they drank a “r’veeis” of wine. In that case they may as well have eaten.

    • If I recall, there are Shitos that if the MeKadesh ate, the ones hearing are also yotza. That is conjunction with other shitos that before Mussaf you are allowed to eat (although not a seudah – only Te’eimah), especially in a situation as before Tekios where you can not eat, hence, there is certainly no chiyuv Kiddush yet, as it can not be done be’makom Seudah..

  4. “The bochurim followed the Rebbe’s directive and only drank after hearing Kiddush, without eating”
    Without Bemokom Seuda?

  5. So if its Daas Torah that needs to be heard, I will quote SHu’T Bais Yitchok YD (Kuntras Achron:18):
    After he rules that for the weak its permitted he concludes:

    מ”מ עדיף להתפלל מקודם ולא יעכבו התפלות כ”כ ולא יצטרכו לשתות קודם מוסף
    Rather not prolong davening and finish in time – NOT 5pm..

    What about the issue of fasting on Yom Tov? Is that permitted?

    • You’re allowed to, but who can do it till 5 pm??? Who wants to? You’re not supposed to starve till then. Unless one is on the level of a rebbe, I’m sure that most of the mispallellim snuck away at some point, before they fainted from hunger and thirst. They’ll practice for Yom Kippur on Tzom Gedaliah.

  6. Well if one drags out davening almost to maariv wouldn’t the bochrim be considered in a weak state? And be able to partake of kiddush!

  7. The real shaila is, why do these chazzanim feel the need to shlep out and krechtz so much? It’s not brought down anywhere that’s it’s a Mitzvah to drag out a davening. Adaraba, one is NOT allowed to be sad or cry on Rosh Hashana. We are are being mamlich HKBH. It has to be done with tremendous simcha. Crying is for aseres yemey teshuva and Yom Kippur.
    Btw, when the shliach tzibbur puts on one of his forced/fake krechtz-cries, we sense it right away. It is a total turn off and has the exact opposite effect. Keep the crying to your private quiet shmoneh esrei. Don’t try to show us how chashuv you think you are. This will save the tzibbur a lot of time and there won’t be the need for this entire discussion.


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