NANNY NIGHTMARE: Lakewood Parents Walk in on Nurse Smothering Their Baby

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A couple in Lakewood, NJ, were horrified when they walked in on what appeared to be their nighttime nurse smothering their baby, TLS reported.

The story took place at 1 AM when the father of the child was awakened but what seemed to be muffled crying. 

Upon entering the child’s room, the father was greeted by every parents’ nightmare: the nighttime nurse holding a pillow over the baby’s head, smothering the child’s cries.

The parents immediately pushed the nurse away from the baby and began yelling for an explanation.

The nurse responded “it’s not what it looks like” but did not elaborate.

The parents escorted the woman out of their home but did not contact the police. The woman was recommended by a reputable agency that hires out nannies.

The agency is currently investigating the situation.



  1. For a kosher hot dog in a restaurant people require a Mashgiah Tmidi with Yirat Shamayim, but for their own children anything goes.

  2. 911 is a designated number for emergency services. All individuals old enough to speak on the phone should be taught to report danger!

  3. If a person is truly has an unwarranted fear emergency responders are trained to recognize that. In that case the idiom ” better safe than sorry” is applicable.

  4. Reputable agency?
    Is this woman an RN ?
    Why were the police not called?
    Why was she taken to the bus station?…

    The whole thing is fishy

  5. Parents are horrified? I’m horrified that they can leave their children in the care of a nanny like this. One thing if cleaning help etc, is working UNDER YOUR NOSE, it’s another to have a nanny, live in, etc that can do whatever they want…This is the price they pay for this convenience. Hope they learn their lesson…..

  6. If she’s llegal, she would be deported for attempted murder. The people who hired her and the agency would be looking at fines, and possibly worse. A bad situation all around. Only hire people legally permitted to work!

  7. Why would you call 911? There was no real emergency. Stop exploiting the system. Just call the police on a non-emergency number.

  8. Mr. No emergency…..
    If it was your young child or grandchild needing to call would you recommend they Google or lookup the number in the phone book?!

  9. Hire “cheap labor” – pay the consequences. Pay more and hire Jewish caretakers for the kids. Can’t afford it? Stop pretending to be nobility and babysit your kids yourself. May be even clean up your house by yourself, while you are at it, your royal highness. May be even make your kids clean up after themselves, or ask teenage kids to babysit the young ones. Whatever you do, don’t play Russian roulette by exposing your kids to the third world babysitters.

  10. Very funny (REALLY NOT!), parents escorted her out the house without calling police???? I mean honestly speaking, what were these supposedly responsible adults thinking?!?!? That she’ll get a job elsewhere and kill other babies or maybe worse yet?? Either the story is fake news or a big chunk is missing?

  11. It could be she didn’t want the crying baby to wake up the Parents so she basically covered the mouth for a few seconds. It’s not the end of the world. The baby can always breathe thru its nose.

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