Need Medical Advice? Send Email To Vizhnitz

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vizhnitz-medicalThousands of Israeli citizens know that when they need professional medical advice, one calls the offices of a number of noted askanim and then waits in line to meet the noted advisors face to face.

While medical advice is usually done face to face and in certain cases over the phone, Chasidei Vizhnitz has now introduced an innovative service: medical advice through email.

The Refuah Vechaim organization of Vizhnitz has announced this new service. All one needs to do is send an email to the designated Gmail account and wait for a response.

The organization’s renowned medical advisor, R’ Yitzchok Stern, is undertaking to respond to all emails, providing free medical consulting services through online.

Many of the questioners, if not most, will not be Vizhnitzer Chassidim and the organizers know that. But the heads of the organization are pleased with the initiative and believe many will benefit from it.

“The availability of email and the ability to respond at any given moment provides a major contribution to the medical consulting field,” says a Refuah Vechaim rep.

{Yair Israel}


  1. is this only for Eretz Yisroel? either way,it’s a tremendous sevice-but the article is very ambiguous-please clarify,I’m certain many Yidden here would be able to benefit,if,in fact it’s available here,as well.Thank You.


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