Netanyahu Announces He Will Annex Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea Area If He Wins Elections


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today that he would extend Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dea Sea if reelected, Haaretz reports.

Speaking to the press a week before the election, Netanyahu also said that the Trump administration’s peace plan, which he said would be released days after the election, would provide a “historic opportunity” for annexing the West Bank and other areas.

“Out of respect for President Trump and out of great faith in our friendship, I will wait with applying sovereignty until release of the president’s political plan,” Netanyahu said. “As much as it is possible, I want to apply sovereignty in the communities and other areas with maximum coordination with the U.S . . . But there is one place where it is possible to apply Israeli sovereignty immediately after the election. If I receive a clear mandate to do so from you, the citizens of Israel.

“In recent months I have led a diplomatic effort in this direction, and the conditions for this have ripened,” he continued. “Today I am announcing my intention to apply, with the formation of the next government, Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea,” Netanyahu said, calling the area “Israel’s eastern border.”

Earlier this month Netanyahu said that he aspires to apply Israeli sovereignty on all Jewish West Bank settlements. Speaking at the West Bank settlement of Elkana, the prime minister vowed that there would be “no more uprooting [of settlements].” Read more: Haaretz

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  1. irresponsible and cynical. He knows that there will have to be a political settlement with the Palestinians. How will he back away from this? He’s playing with the lives of millions of Jews and it does not matter to him so long as he continues in power. The party of Begin has fallen so low it can no longer be saved.

  2. Nobody who votes for Netanyahu believes his “promises” nor “threats” anymore. Anyone voting for him is not because he’s so great and a real leader like President Trump, but because he’s the Rosh Lashualim among the Zanavim, with absolutely no other choice.

  3. If anyone would vote for Bibi because of his promises or threats, he’d have zero votes since nobody believes him. The only reason they vote for him is because he’s the Rosh Lashualim over a bunch of Zanavim who are not even an option.


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