Netanyahu Calls For ‘Snapback Sanctions’ On Iran After Breach Of Enrichment Limit


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on world leaders to impose “snapback sanctions” on Iran after it announced that it was enriching uranium beyond the 3.67% limit set by a crumbling 2015 nuclear deal.

“This is a very, very dangerous step,” Netanyahu said at the start of his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. “Iran has violated its solemn promise under the UN Security Council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level.”

Netanyahu, who has been a staunch critic of the landmark accord between Iran and world powers from its inception, said that enriching uranium beyond the level set out in the accord has only one purpose — to build an atomic bomb.

“I call on my friends, the heads of France, Britain and Germany — you signed this deal and you said that as soon as they take this step, severe sanctions will be imposed — that was the Security Council resolution. Where are you?”

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  1. Someone please explain to him that if one side breaks their half of the deal and in addition punishes the other side , then the other side can do whatever they want.


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