Netanyahu Demands Polygraph Tests For Cabinet Members

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In response to a series of unauthorized disclosures emanating from Cabinet sessions, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office is pushing forward a proposal that would mandate individuals who participated in such meetings to undergo polygraph testing under the Prime Minister’s directive.

The proposed legislation, still in its nascent stages of consideration, outlines that the polygraph tests will occur within a timeframe determined by Netanyahu. This measure extends beyond mere ministers, encompassing the Attorney General, security service directors, and other officials who will also be subject to the testing regime.

Interestingly, Prime Minister Netanyahu himself, due to having an implanted pacemaker, would be exempted from these tests. Despite this exemption, his office issued a statement affirming that he would voluntarily undergo testing if the legislation were to be enacted.

About a month ago, Tzachi Hanegbi, the head of the National Security Council, urgently communicated with Kobi Mandelblit, the head of the IDF Military Censor Department. In his letter, Hanegbi insisted on prohibiting the publication of any details emerging from Cabinet meetings, which had been previously cleared by the censor. He argued that these leaks, permitted by the censor, were causing substantial and immediate harm to state security and must be halted promptly.

A week preceding this communication, Cabinet Ministers were confronted with an uncommon request to sign a specialized Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This NDA stipulates that the confidentiality of Cabinet meetings is to be treated on par with matters of state security. The request was prompted by a leak from a Cabinet session disclosing that Israel had nearly conducted a bombing operation in Lebanon due to a misidentification of an aircraft in northern Israel.

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  1. It all starts from the head. If the head is a fake, one can expect other members to be fakes too. So let’s begin by polygraphing PM Bibi Netanyahu which will have an instant domino effect.


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