Netanyahu is Menachem Avel: “These Are Not People, They Are Monsters”


netanyahuPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today visited the parents of the Fogel couple, killed along with three of their children in Friday’s Itamar terror attack, and promised that Israel would continue building in West Bank settlements.

During his visit the prime minister said that “they shoot and we build. They say that the State of Israel was built on suffering, but we did not think the suffering would be so great. This criminal act caused all of us to come and say, enough.”

Netanyahu added that security forces were doing all they could to find the killers and they would be found.

“These are not people, They are monsters,” Netanyahu stated.



  1. making politics on acount of these poore little children and their parents.
    he should be ashamed.
    no words are needed. we need actions !!!

  2. Israel will have to unload on the arabs in gaza big time,make their lives COMPLETELY miserable every day, bar them from all employment, attack them with bombs and heavy artillery around the clock. When thousands are dead, round up the rest and expel them to …I don’t care where. Saudi Arabia. Egypt, Push them into the sea if you must. THEY MUST GO. Meir Kahane was 100% right. It’s time. It didn’t work out. THEY MUST GO. Good riddance, damned murderers all of them. Don’t let the door hit you on the backas you crawl away, miserable, accursed arabs.
    Know arabs? No peace.
    No arabs? Know peace.


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