Netanyahu: Israel Making Friends Around The World


Prime Minister Binyaamin Netanyahu, today attended a toast in honor of Rosh Hashannah with personnel from the Prime Minister’s Office and celebrated the advances Israel has made on an international level..

“We are acquiring friends around the world and within the region here,” the Prime Minister said. “They see our strength and they see our commitment to defend our state, to develop it, and become an economic, technological, military and intelligence power, and this brings us friends.

“Who but you, the employees of the Prime Minister’s Office, knows this? This tent is like a railway station; leaders from around the world arrive every day, sometimes several times a day, hundreds of leaders.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Israel making friends with all the goyim around the world – as if it’ll lessen their anti-Semitism and like Jews better. Remember what happened in Germany when Jews wanted to be too close with the goyim…

    Mr. Netanyahu, how about making friends with the ones who actually safeguard Israel, the Chareidim?


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