Netanyahu Offered Senior Campaign Position To Prominent Chabad Rabbi

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered Aryeh Lightstone, a former senior aide to David Friedman, who served as the US ambassador to Israel under President Donald Trump, a senior role in his most recent election campaign, sources told The Times of Israel.

Lightstone, an Orthodox rabbi who joined Friedman in 2017 as a political appointee, turned the offer down, implying that it would be unbecoming of him to join a local campaign so soon after serving as an official in a US administration.

Netanyahu contemplated tapping Lightstone as campaign chief and foreign media communications director, a position he ended up giving to Aaron Klein in February 2021.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. I think you are making a big mistake here.

    Lightstone is not Lubavitch, he is Modern Orthodox.

    Please correct.

  2. The source for this is an Israeli media outlet. Matzav is just repeating their story, not claiming he is or is not Chabad.

    From the picture posted, he is obviously “Modern Orthodox”, not Chabad.


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