Netanyahu Slams EU Settlement Critics as Hypocrites

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netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told journalists Thursday that continued construction in existing settlements was “part of the deal” when talks began and questioned the motives of those who were outraged now. “I think this is a bogus claim,” he said. “I think that this is hypocritical.”

Netanyahu questioned why the EU protested the construction of “a few houses,” but did not summon Palestinian diplomats over Palestinian misdeeds. “When did the EU call in the Palestinian ambassadors to complain about the incitement that calls for Israel’s destruction?”

“I think it is time to inject some balance and fairness into this discussion. Because I think this imbalance and this bias against Israel doesn’t advance peace,” he added. “I think it pushed peace further away because it tells the Palestinians, ‘Basically you can do anything you want, say anything you want, and you won’t be held accountable.'”

“The real issue is not the settlements, is not the Palestinian state. The real issue was and always has been the Jewish state – the persistent refusal to accept a nation-state for the Jewish people by our adversaries, whom we want to turn into peace partners.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Europe does not work for humanity in the way that Tomorrow hopes for a better day. The Europeans only want more believability for their non-direct cause of inspected digression. This means that there are no bargains when it comes to playing with a fraud.

  2. Smack it to em, Bibi!
    It’s about time! Did the EU (piew would be more appropriate) say a word when rockets, rock throwing and near kidnapping took place? Or when the Fogels Hy”d were killed in Israel proper!
    Perhaps he ought be more vociferous in his verbal condemnation of this anti Semitic group of nations under whose cooperation the near annihilation of 6 million Jews took place not to mention all the other offenses ajainst Jews over the millenia.
    Shame on them!


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