Netanyahu: ‘To Win In Battle, Instill Fear Of Death In The Enemy’


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu visited the Golan Heights on Wednesday and observed an Israel Defense Forces exercise in the region that borders Syria.

“The exercise we are doing here is not theoretical,” Netanyahu told soldiers from the IDF’s Golani Brigade. “The reality around us is changing at tremendous speed. [The situation] is explosive and dynamic and we need to be prepared accordingly.”

Netanyahu said the IDF needs to be ready to dictate situations in line with developments.

“We are not looking to challenge anyone, but no one will harm the State of Israel without [receiving] a strong and decisive response,” he said.

Netanyahu said battles are won by determination and “the ability to break the enemy and at the decisive moment instill in them the fear of death. That’s how battles are won.”

“I hope they won’t test us, but if they do … I’m sure we will meet every challenge,” Netanyahu said.

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  1. This only works if the enemy is afraid of death, or more afraid of death than of the esteem of or loyalty to his comrades and society. If it were otherwise, there would be no suicide bombers. The PM needs a new speech writer.

  2. What?? These people LOVE death. And what fear of death? At every opportunity the Israeli government gives to the Arabs (land for peace, releasing murderers,treating their wounded) and punishes its own people (Gush Katif, Chevron, giving the arabs parts of the Old City including the mosque area, letting them throw rocks, missiles, insults).

    Netanyahu and the government are deluded. Why do they think that Israel will stand against all this? Because they say so? It won’t be the first time we are thrown out of our country, and only because of the enemies within. Like the ‘freedom fighters’ of the second Bais Hamikdosh who destroyed Jerusalem’s storehouses and like Lapid and the rest of the anti-frum government who have no respect for the Torah.

    The unvarnished future is frightening.

  3. Bibi is 100% right!
    The people sending the jihads ARE afraid of death… they don’t go – they send others……


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