Netanyahu Vows to Destroy Home of Dafna Mayer’s Killer

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netanyahu otnielIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu vowed today that Israel would demolish the home of the Palestinian teen terrorist who stabbed to death Dafna Mayer, an Israeli mother-of-six, in the settlement of Otniel on Sunday.

“We will fight our enemies, and destroy the home of the terrorist and cancel the work permits [of his family members],” Netanyahu said after visiting the grieving family of Dafna, who was killed at the entrance to her home in front of her teenage daughter.

As first reported by Israel, the suspect in the attack, named as Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, 16, was arrested by security forces overnight in the village of Beit Amra, some three kilometers (1.8 miles) from the scene of the attack.

Adais is suspected of entering Dafna’s home and killing her before fleeing on foot. Three of Meir’s six children were home when she was killed, and one, 17-year-old Renana, gave security forces a description of the terrorist.

Nentanyahu also toured the area around the Otniel settlement with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and IDF Central Region Commander Major General Roni Numa and other senior regional commanders.

The prime minister declared that the Meir family was an example of the difference between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Anyone who wants to the truth about the root of the conflict between us and the Palestinians, should come to Otniel, see the wonderful family that only wanted coexistence and peace, and look at these [Palestinian] youths who were incited to come murder women here, a mother of six, and in Tekoa a pregnant woman,” he said, referring to a stabbing attack in another settlement on Monday that moderately injured a woman, Michal Froman.

“On one side there is humanity here and a desire for peace and coexistence, and boundless hatred on the other,” he continued. “That hatred has a source — the incitement from the Palestinian Authority and other sources like the Islamic Movement and like Hamas, and the time has come for the international community to end its hypocrisy and call a spade a spade.”


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  1. Another example of too little too late. How about charging the terrorist’s family members with abatement and conspiracy, take away any parenting rights and send any kids to Zionist foster care, cease any terrorist’s family’s related assets without bothering to even prove guilt. The US law enforcement uses such methods all the time. Israeli government also plays extremely dirty when they want to railroad some Jewish teens. Therefore, the feeble half measures when Israel deals with Arab terrorists, are on purpose.

  2. “On one side there is humanity here and a desire for peace and coexistence, and boundless hatred on the other…” The world does not care one iota about this truth.

  3. Great idea mr. Netanyahu; just you forgot one thing. Make sure our friend Adais is actually inside his home when it’s demolished. Then you’ll never have to worry about demolishing a home because of him again. He’ll then understand what was wrong with his actions


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