New Albums Set to be Released by Shwekey and MBD

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shwekeyJewish music fans will be glad to learn that two new music albums are set to be released by Yaakov Shwekey and Mordechai Ben David respectively. The Shwekey album, whose cover can be seen at left, is being produced by Yochi Briskman. The titletrack for Shwekey V is Ad Bli Dai. The first song, Areivim, is composed by Yitzy Waldner and arranged by Yanky Briskman. The album is set to hit stores August 25th.

R’ Mordechai Werdyger is also set to release a new album. Tuesday night, MBD sang at a kumzitz event in Boro Park to benefit Bais Yaakov of Boro Park. At the event, he sang Kulam Ahuvim, a song from the new album. Be sure to check it out among today’s offerings in‘s world renowned and highly acclaimed “Featured Videos section at the right of this page. MBD’s new album, which is being produced by his son Yeedle, is scheduled to hit stores in 2-3 weeks.

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  1. There is noone that compares to Mordche. You shouldn’t even have anyone else in the same headline title. Another title is ok.

  2. cant deny facts- according to everyones taste shwekeys got a beautiful voice, mbd has amazing control and theyre both great guys

  3. o what do ee see from this that 2 solid cds are comin out at the same tim? that were gonna be spendin a little over $30. now for absolutely no reason! why cant they be cheaper! it costs them less to put out a cd then a tape and they still charge more! and all the producers are fuming that theyre cds get copied–its lfnei ivir!! well its a pretty hard n’soyon that theyre putting us into,(which is gonna also come out that THEYLL be loosing $ bec of) so wheres the yashrus???!!!
    thanks matziv ur the best & thanks to yaakov & r’ modche for theyre everlasting insparation and entertainment!

  4. Shtisim and lukshon, MBD Still is king no matter which way you look at it. His voice might have matured but it is like old wine that ages in the right cask, the longer it ages the better its taste. None of the new voice, heart, and varemkeit can compare to his.


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