New Jersey Court Rules Against Frum Doctor In Assisted Suicide Lawsuit

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New Jersey can move ahead with a new law allowing terminally ill patients to seek life-ending drugs, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday, overturning a lower court’s temporary hold on the law.

Judges Carmen Messano and Arnold Natali ruled Tuesday that a state Superior Court “abused its discretion” in blocking the law earlier this month.

“We conclude the court failed to consider adequately the interests of qualified terminally-ill patients, who the Legislature determined have clearly prescribed rights to end their lives consistent with the Act,” the appeals court wrote in its opinion.

Rich Grohmann, an attorney for Dr. Yosef Glassman,an Orthodox Jew from New Jersey who brought the lawsuit, says they’re appealing to the state Supreme Court.

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  1. Your title is misleading. It should read:

    NJ court rules that murder is permitted under certain circumstances

    It’s a slippery slope r’l and charedim l’dvar Hashem should be concerned.

    There is a vort, I think from the Chasam sofer Ztkl

    Halleli nafshi… A’hallel b’chayei… Azemra b’odei

    He explains that nafshi refers to the mere existence of a Yid in this world even if incapacitated r’l. We see the value in the fact that we are obligated to be mchallel Shabbos if we suspect a Jew may be in a collapsed building.

    B’chayei refers to one who is able to function.

    B’odei refers to sechel and speech.

    Bottom line: Jews thank Borei olam for each breath as the Gemorah says kol h’neshema al kol nishmah unishima.

  2. The deciding Justice calls himself [drumroll] an Orthodox Jew

    don’t worry will be featured warmly in one of our Publications soon enough
    [another parasite we allow in our midst]


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