New Kol Koreh Instructs Bochurim to Consider Shidduchim at Age 21

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kol koreh shidduchim 2A new kol koreh signed by dozens of rabbonim encourages bochurim to consider shidduchim when they are age 21.

“The gedolei hador have previously exhorted the tzibbur and bochurim to make every effort to marry at the earliest appropriate age,” the kol koreh says. “Therefore, we encourage bnei Torah and their parents, if it is consistent with the advice of their rabbeim, to consider shidduchim at age 21. May a sweet and pleasant life be bestowed upon those kol koreh shidduchimwho listen, and may they merit to build upstanding homes in Klal Yisroel, and to raise children and grand-children involved in Torah and mitzvos.”

The kol koreh has been issued in English and Hebrew.

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  1. And what will we do when the next crisis- the divorce crisis- hits because all of these kids go married when they were still children?

  2. To #3: That’s because this whole “initiative” is not so pashut. A lot of Rabbonim are against this. It has been revealed to me that not all the names on this alleged kol korei, have givn rishus to put it there. This is meant for the lemechels & is being pushed by some wealthy baalabatim.

  3. The Rambam says one shouldn’t get married until they have a home to live in and a way to make a parnassah (I don’t think a kollel stippen would justify as a means a making money because the Rambam holds it’s ossur to take words of the Rambam.)

    In short, heed to these words of the Rambam and everyone will be in a much better situation. By the time the person has a secure job and home then they’ll get married and it’ll surely be at an older age. I would say that perhaps the person doesn’t need to have a house mamash, just a derech to get there (i.e. have a job, start saving, apply for a mortgage, etc.) If your parents will help, even better….

  4. Here is a wild idea. Don’t laugh. How about if the boys (and girls) get married when THEY are ready, not when “society” paskens they are ready? As some of the above commentators have posted: Its easy to get married. Staying married is a whole other story. If getting married “young” is such a great idea, why is there nebach such a high divorce rate among these kids? Ideology works with other concepts. not necessarily with marriage.

  5. I don’t buy into the whole divorce thing. Most people that get divorced have a problem with their Middos or have real issues. Not much changes from 21 to 23. I think the message is great. Don’t just assume that because everybody waits until they are 23 to start to date you should also. Speak to a rebbi about whats good for you. Very often people are happier and more productive once they get married.

  6. Oh, please. (Remember, parnassah comes from Hashem.)

    The same people who support these gems at 23 will support them at 21… i.e. the girl’s parents, duh.

    When 23 yo boys marry 19/20 year old girls, who supports them?
    Now the 21 yo boys will marry 19/20 yo girls…same supporters.

    It’s not rocket science.

  7. #15 couldn’t disagree more. At 21 I was just starting my masters program, still in school full time, no way I could have devoted the proper time and attention to a spouse. As 23 I had my degree and was on my way to my (now) well-paying full time job, HUGE difference.

  8. I don’t disagree with that point. Im talking more about a persons character. A person that has bad enough Middos to get divorced at 21, generally waiting 2 years wont change that. In your situation I understand waiting. Very often boys would be learning either way so the factors that you brought up would not apply.


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