New Skin Patch Promises Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Credit: UC San Diego
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Scientists have developed a new skin patch that can provide all-in-one health monitoring capabilities.

The thin, flexible patch, worn on the neck, can track the wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure, as well as glucose levels.

The technology,¬†described Monday¬†in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, can even measure the amount of lactate, alcohol or caffeine in the wearer’s blood.

“This type of wearable would be very helpful for people with underlying medical conditions to monitor their own health on a regular basis,” co-first author of the study Lu Yin said in a news release.

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    • umm…. where did yoy see mention of it being required by the government or being ordered for the government. this is a invention ljke any other medical invention. would you say a insulin tracker is an invasion of privacy? this would be great for people who need to be monitored heavily by doctors they could just check their vitals over the web. or monitor somebodies heart rate. those who don’t understand fear. alot of scared folks nowadays

  1. Too late! President Trump has a much better patent coming out soon which will make scientists promises obsolete.


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