New Study Finds More Than Two Thirds of Dedicated Corbyn Supporters Hold Antisemitic Views


A new study on antisemitism in the UK found that more than two-thirds of strong supporters of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn hold at least one antisemitic view. It also found that far-left hatred of Jews is now more prevalent than far-right Jew hatred in Britain, with 60% of the former believing at least one stereotype.

The study, called the “Antisemitism Barometer,” was commissioned by YouGov at the request of the Campaign Against Antisemitism and was released November 30th.

The poll revealed that 84% of British Jews believe Jeremy Corbyn to be a threat to the Jewish community, with 42% having considered leaving the country in the past two years due to antisemitism, a scale that is “unprecedented since medieval times,” according to the report.

Almost half of British Jews cite not feeling comfortable identifying as Jewish in public.

“People will find it utterly chilling that in 2019, large swathes of the Jewish community are considering the drastic step of leaving the country they love because they fear racism in our politics,” stated Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign against Antisemitism.

“Far from being the champion of anti-racism that it holds itself out to be, the far-left is now home to even more anti-Jewish bigotry than the far-right,” he continued. “Nowhere is that more obvious than in the Labour Party, where Jeremy Corbyn is now the politician of choice for anti-Semites.”

In the last year, over a dozen MPs and three peers have resigned from the Labour Party citing its institutionalized antisemitism. Many MEPs, councilors, and members have also left in protest.

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  1. Disingenuous
    who decided
    labour is more far left than the liberal Democrats who are all the sudden Jewish
    friendly Unsurprisingly
    for all of the most important issues of recent vintage
    Iraq war
    the lib Dems have been more left than labour

  2. Crowds of jews in the 1930s assimilated and later were put on the gorge to wear yellow stars. Would it have been more insane if every jew kept yiddishkeit? Good looking jews. Native wealth. No worry that the public is fooled by our assimilation. We can let Hashem direct the good.

  3. That doesn’t bother the Israel – hating ultra haredi Brits. They separate themselves from our Holy Land , but that’s where they’ll run soon.


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