New Tool Predicts Risk Of Covid Hospitalisation, Death

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The five percent of people in Britain predicted by a new tool to be at highest risk from Covid-19 accounted for three-quarters of deaths during the first wave of the pandemic, researchers reported Wednesday.

As countries worldwide grapple with a second wave of disease, the risk-assessment method — which also predicts the chances of hospitalisation — could help identify the small percentage of the population most in need of being shielded from the virus, they reported in BMJ, a medical journal.

“The tool provides nuanced information on people’s risk of serious illness due to Covid-19 and is designed for use by clinicians with patients to reach a shared understanding of risk,” the authors said in a statement.

To develop the new application, called QCOVID, researchers from across Britain compiled data from six million patients, including age, height-weight ratio, ethnicity, and pre-existing conditions — such as high-blood pressure and diabetes — known to increase the risk of serious outcomes after infection.

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  1. What do they need a tool for? For any person over a certain age, entry to a hospital is an automatic death sentence. Any person who still carries a donor card if anything happened to them their organs could go to good use – is dead upon arrival as soon as they got such a card (which started about 30 years ago). Any person who doesn’t have a family or a hatzalah member as a staff in the hospital comes out of there in a body bag. At least this is how it is in the US and Israel except for Laniado.


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