New York City Man Arrested 46 Times In 2021 For Retail Thefts

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A 22-year-old New York City man has been arrested 57 times this year, including a stabbing, while 46 of the arrests stem from retail thefts.

Isaac Rodriguez enjoys robbing one store in particular more than any other: Walgreens. He has shoplifted from Walgreens 37 times and holds an affinity for the store in Jackson Heights, which he has lifted 23 times, the New York Post has reported.

Rodriguez hit the Jackson Heights Walgreens on July 7 and stole a variety of products. He shoplifted “10 units of Ensure, 12 Walgreens wipes, 15 units of Sensodyne toothpaste, and 8 units of Cetaphil lotion,” according to court records obtained by the New York Post.

“This guy comes here every day stealing, every single day. He comes, and he steals,” the manager of Walgreens at Jackson Heights detailed, the Post reported. “We call 911 and make a report, and that’s it. Our company policy is if anyone comes, because of a safety issue, we cannot stop him. We cannot do anything.”

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  1. And under current administration, nothing will change. That’s politics. Thank you Cuomo, and thank you De Blasio. May the both of you become victims of the criminals you protect and reward.

  2. That’s called having a minority privilege. Dare to lock him up, and you will immediately be branded as racist.
    Perhaps Walgreens should simply ask him for a shopping list, and just deliver the items to his crib, avoiding their own heartache, and protecting him from unnecessary risks of running into a cop. After all, he is entitled to items that he doesn’t wish to pay for; just ask AOC, who will tearfully teach you about the underprivileged minorities.


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