New York City Reports Zero COVID-19 Deaths For First Time Since Pandemic Hit

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New York City on Sunday reported zero new coronavirus deaths for the first time since early March, a milestone that comes as the virus spikes in other parts of the country.

Preliminary health data from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene showed that no one died from the coronavirus in New York City on Saturday, the first time zero new deaths have been reported there since March 13, according to multiple reports.

Officials recorded no confirmed death the day before, too, but did report two probable deaths, according to NBC4.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Since Covid is a general term for all deaths, are they saying the Malach Hamavess ran from NYC?

  2. We all know that Covid-19 deaths is a general term for all deaths. Are they saying that nobody died in NYC yesterday?

  3. I have been tracking NYC via Google and the tracker on Google showed zero deaths a few times already. the other site showed it once on June 1st and not since. Though they are down to 12 now. So I wonder why the discrepency?

  4. is the mayor and governor BLIND and/or DEAF? which news report do they listen to?

    why are camps not opened? why are schools not opened?


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