New York Times Implies Israel Purposefully Started War After Pope Called for Peace



“Since becoming pope in March 2013, Francis has made a habit of inserting himself into delicate foreign policy issues, usually in the role of broker. Last June, after visiting the Holy Land, he played host to the Israeli and Palestinian presidents at a “prayer summit” at the Vatican. However, that failed to produce a diplomatic breakthrough, and soon afterward, Israeli troops began an assault against the Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip.”

Even sooner afterwards, Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers. And Hamas shot scores of rockets towards Israeli civilians.

But the New York Times just can’t help itself in portraying Israel as an aggressor, spitting in the face of Pope Francis with its violent response to his efforts to bring peace to the region.

Elder of Ziyon – The Algemeiner



  1. The six letter word that begins this article is a kinui for the name of the founder of a religion who’s yahrtzeit was Erev Pesach. Not sure if it is appropriate for this kind of a website.

  2. Surely the NYT wouldn’t be that blatantly distortive of events. Surely EOZ must be omitting or quoting portions of the article out of context. Surely.

    Well, nope. The paragraph above is quoted verbatim and completely from the NYT’s website. Incredible as it may seem, the NYT entirely omits the reason Israel fought the recent Gaza war.

    One can only imagine the NYT’s December 8, 1941 headline:
    “Yesterday, hard-line President Roosevelt, backed by a bellicose Congress, declared an all-out war against Japan. This was despite the best efforts of millions of peace-loving citizens who had hoped and prayed that the U.S. would refrain from the siren call of war-mongers and war-profiteers to join the fray a half a world away.”

  3. Forever, I will assume the Times is a conspiracy to turn New York into an enemy harbor.

    Thinking that the Pope rules world peace is asinine.

    He is not a private man.

    Shame on the Death Times of the New York pessimistic.

    This is shameful.

  4. The Times could care less about the Pope’s honor. They hate Catholics (and religious people generally) as much as they do Israel. The editorial board and their “journalists” are racist, bigoted elitists who aren’t worthy to clean the dirt from the fingernails of even Yair Lapid.


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