New Zealand Locks Down Over Single Virus Case

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New Zealand’s government took drastic action Tuesday by putting the entire nation into a strict lockdown for at least three days after finding a single case of coronavirus infection in the community.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern invoked some of the stirring rhetoric she used early in the pandemic by urging the “team of 5 million” — New Zealand’s population — to go hard and early in trying to eliminate the latest outbreak.

She said Auckland, where the infected man lives, and Coromandel, where he had visited, would go into a full lockdown for seven days and the remainder of the country for three days while health experts tried to find the source of his infection.

New Zealand had managed to stamp out the virus, and the last outbreak was in February. But Ardern had been warning that the contagiousness of the delta variant would likely require more drastic action than previous outbreaks.

Health officials said genome testing would not verify until Wednesday whether the infected 58-year-old man had the delta variant, although they were working under the assumption he does.

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    • And lock you up in a mental asylum if you still think that the lockdowns have anything to do with a political virus, of criminals politicians who fooled millions, including you.

  1. they should lock up fauci and people who want to lock yeshiovs and shuls for something so preventable and treatable. Theres no excuse any more

    • Thank You Very Much for pointing out this excellent observation!! Yes, of course, the total net effect of the bizarre Lockdowns — with, Lo Alaynu, it should never happen to us, all the mental/nervous breakdowns and outright suicides, Rachmana Litzlan — was horrific destruction that was INFINITELY WORSE than anything that the supposed Covid illness could have done.

  2. It obviously goes without saying the excessive absolute insanity of knocking down an entire nation of well over FIVE MILLION people and a whole major city of well over A MLLION AND A HALF people over the condition of one person. Furthermore, that person is not even sick!! All that happened was that he took the PCR test,* and the test CLAIMS that he has something in him. But he himself is not sick from this “bad” thing that supposedly is in him and is thus NOT any threat to anyone!!

    Even according to “them” that this guy IS somehow “bad” and “dangerous,” THE VERY MOST they should ever do is to place him where he cannot infect others, but, of course, work to get him recuperated as quick as possible to quickly get him back to his society. But to isolate many millions of totally clean people, there is clearly no need whatsoever!!

  3. * Note: The PCR Test DOES NOT check for the Covid virus. What it does do is check for a tiny FRAGMENT of any kind of virus, so it may easily even pick up something as harmless as a piece of a remains of a virus of some cold the person had several months ago. This fragment is then amplified to see if it is a problem, and the stated instructions are that the amplifying should be up to 35 times at the most. However, as the wicked performers of the tests WANT there to be problems, they purposely amplify FORTY-FIVE times, for at such excessive blow-ups, quite a lot of even good things will look like “problems.” Thus, vast numbers of the super-huge numbers of supposed “tested-positive-Covid-cases,” which the media so alarmingly announced, were in reality, not positive at all!!

    So with this one man in New Zealand, whom they claimed tested Covod positive, there is a very high probability that, in reality, he does not have any Covid problem at all!!


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