Newly Discovered Works of Maran Rav Moshe Feinstein to be Published

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rav-moshe-feinsteinA trove of unpublished manuscripts from the late gadol and posek hador, Maran Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, has been discovered and is being readied for publication in a series of seforim. Included are Rav Moshe’s writings on the entire Shas, as well as hundreds of Responsa on complex halachic issues.

Some of the materials date from Rav Moshe’s years in Europe and others from the period of the 1930s to the 1980s when he emerged as the posek hador.

All the manuscripts have been authenticated by Rav Moshe’s children and the originals will be made available on CDs as each sefer is published by a foundation established by the children for that purpose.

The seforim will contribute immeasurably to Torah scholarship and the halachic portions will likely aid in resolving many of the complex issues that continue to arise in Jewish communities around the world.

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  1. How does one happen to find responsa from this great Godol? Was it in the Cairo Geniza? Come on.

    It is critical to know who authenticated the manuscripts.

  2. Ben torah, great news Im here to answer your question: They were sitting in a box labeled “suka decorations” which was ignored for a long time, since the family had plenty. Last year many of the Feinsteins’ suka decoration got stolen by the one eyed one horned flying lukshen kugel eater, forcing the family to search their storage area for more. This is what prompted them to open this box for the first time in 25 years, His einaklach actually wanted to hang up the chidushim since they would be the most beutiful decorations to ever be hung in a suka but instead decided to make them available to the tzibur.
    hope this helps.

  3. Who are “The Children” ?
    Is this a code word for someone?
    We all, and the whole world, know the great sons of Reb Moishe z”l by their names, Reb Dovid, sh;it”a and Reb Ruvain, shit”a.
    Why doesn’t this article use their names?

  4. There was probably a reason why Rav Feinstein zatzal did not publish these, so there is good reason to hesitate about publishing them now, especially when he is no longer with us to clarify them.

    He was reportedly very careful about publishing because he was afraid that a p’sak for a specific instance could be quoted out of context and used to justify a decision for which it was not relevant.

    Even if these manuscripts are genuine, do we really want them on CD, if Rav Feinstein himself didn’t decide to publish them?

  5. ben torah- rav moshe used to answer literally “a big pile”(heard from rav ephriam greenblatt) of shailos every day.there were thousands of shailos
    that were not published in the igros moshe.

    Gregaaron- i spoke with someone who is doing editorial work on the teshuvos about this and he told me that r’ dovid feinstein is involved with it, and not the baal chelek ches, so the teshuvos will appear in the sefer EXACTLY as rav moshe had written them

  6. To number 9: When you reach the level of the “baal chelek ches” then come back to me, but until then, I suggest you keep your words to yourself.

  7. The simple reason that these manuscripts were not published was because of monetary reasons” V’kesef M’nolon?. People who don’t publish seforim have no idea how expensive it is.

    I think that it is “Min Hashamayim” that Reb Moshe ZT”L’s seforim will be published now, because there are many in Boro Park and Flatbush who have forgotten how great REb Moshe was, and are going against his will by using the invalid “Eiruv” to carry on Shabbos; “Rachmono Litzlon”.


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