News Anchor’s Job Saves His Life

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abc-news-anchor-bill-weirABC News Anchor Bill Weir just found out he’s at major risk for a heart attack and may not see his 50th birthday. Weir is just 44 years old.

Weir’s job actually saved his life. While working on a story about the doctor who treated Steve Jobs, Weir had a full body CT scan. When the test was over, Weir said his doctor – Dr. David Agus — told him, “Boy, I’m glad we caught this. You have heart disease and probably within the next five years you would have gone for a jog and dropped dead.”

“I was blown away,” Weir said.

Weir thought he was healthy, turns out, his routine was all wrong.

“I always went to the gym in morning, worked out hard for an hour and figured that covered me for the rest of the day. Turns out, that rigorous exercise early and then 10 hours of sitting is as dangerous as or more dangerous than smoking,” Weir continued.

The doctor told Bill to keep the workout, but to lose the sitting all day. Weir’s cell phone now beeps every hour to remind him to get up and walk around for five minutes. Weir is also trying to cut out the junk food and eat more salad and fruit.

“But I also ate everything I ever wanted, ya know, ribs, burgers, six pack of beer and I thought I’d just work it off at the gym the next day and that combination was clogging up my heart,” Weir said. Weir’s doctor didn’t specify any specific foods to stay away from, but he did say it’s about all things in moderation.

As for those full body scans, they’re controversial because of the radiation exposure and the chance of finding something that would never cause problems. But, Dr. Agus thinks in the right hands, they can change medicine.

{9WSYR/ Newscenter}


  1. I had a full body scan, as I have a family history of heart disease. My cardiologist said they are one of the best if not the best predictor of a heart attack. Boruch Hashem, mine came up clean.

  2. #3 Ask your cardiologist, mine was done at a “Heart Hospital” taht specializes in cardiac care. It was a special introductory deal and I think I paid less than $100.00 for it. It normally costs thousands I would think but insurance will not pay. These “Heart Hospitals” run these specials to get you in for a scan with the expectation taht if you have a problem, chas ve sahlom, that you will use them for the heart care. Do a google search in your area to see if any fo these placed atre offering this deal.


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