NJ Parents Can Now Wait Until After Bris to Name Child

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Parents in the Garden State who want to wait until after their son’s bris milah to name their child now have over two weeks to do so under a bill signed into law yesterday by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The law previously allowed just five days after birth to register a name. If parents did not register a name by then, the first name of the rach hanimol on the birth certificate was recorded simply as “baby,” requiring a difficult and arduous process, including a fee, to alter it.

Parents will now have 15 days to register their child’s name with Trenton.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Is he greater than Yochanan Cohen Gadol who became a Sadduccee at 80 years old. Torah does not cover-up even a big person for his mistakes. To err is human . To revise the facts is criminal.

  2. And would it be such a big deal for the parents to record the legal name before the Bris that no one except for a government employee would see? Give me a break.


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