No Demonstrations Near Houses Of Charedi IDF Recruiters

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Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has forbidden charedim to demonstrate outside the houses of those responsible for recruiting charedim to the IDF, according to a Channel 2 report.

According to the report, Mandelblit wrote in a letter to the Police Commissioner that “there is no place to give a permit for these demonstrations, and action must be taken against those participants who do not obey orders to disperse.

The letter mentioned demonstrations which took place in the last few months outside the houses of those responsible for enlisting charedim, such as Rabbi Menahem Katz of Bnei Brak, Captain Yaakov Rashi of Beit Shemesh and the Rabbi of Kiryat Gat, who agreed to the enlistment of a percentage yeshiva students. Read more ARUTZ SHEVA.



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