‘No Easy Military Solution in Gaza,’ Says Top Israeli Official

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Israel knows there is no easy “military solution” to continued attacks by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip, a top Israeli official told the popular American broadcaster Hugh Hewitt on Thursday.

Michael Oren — a Kulanu MK and deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office who served as Israel’s envoy in Washington, DC, for four years — told Hewitt, during an interview on the tensions at the Israel-Gaza border, “There’s no easy military solution for us.”

Said Oren: “Understand that we could send our army in there and destroy Hamas. We’d lose many hundreds of soldiers. We may kill thousands of Palestinians who are being used as a human shield. But the morning after, we’re going to be stuck holding the keys to Gaza, and no one’s going to take them from us.”

He concluded: “To my mind, the only long-term solution is by deepening the difference between the reality for Palestinians in Gaza and the reality for Palestinians in what we call Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, where there is economic prosperity, there is security, and create a situation where the Palestinians in Gaza are going to say enough is enough, and they’re going to get rid of these thugs. That’s the only solution.”

Oren also examined the Gaza conflict in the light of the larger challenge to the north posed by Hezbollah, Iran’s Shi’a proxy in Lebanon.

“If Hamas goes to war against us in the south, it could trigger a competitive strike by Hezbollah in the north, and Israel, like any country, doesn’t want to fight any war, but it certainly doesn’t want to fight a two-front war,” Oren said. “And Hezbollah is vastly more powerful than Hamas.”

Oren continued: “The rockets that hit us in the last couple of days were not homemade rockets. They were imported rockets, very high quality from Iran and Syria. It shows you who’s behind all this.”

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  1. The fear of fighting madmen who refuse to acknowledge that they’re beaten and instead fanatically fight on in an attempt to kill as many of your men as possible is precisely what the United States faced at the end of World War 2. They attempted to get the enemy to surrender by dropping a nuclear bomb on a populous city, killing about 100,000 men, women and children, yet still the fanatical enemy refused to surrender. Only after a second nuclear bomb was dropped three days later, with more horrific carnage, did the pragmatic members of Japan’s government overcome the fanatics and surrender.

    This mindset is what Israel faces in Hamas, Hezbollah and other enemies. Those groups are willing to fight to the death of every one of their citizens, but never to surrender to or make peace with the Jews. Israel has the impossible task of protecting itself from these fanatics while at the same time protecting the fanatics from themselves, all the while being roundly condemned worldwide for any actions it takes.

    MK Oren is absolutely correct about the impossible dilemma Israel faces.

  2. So how did those rockets get into Gaza then? Don’t play stupid and tell us you don’t know. Why can’t the IDF bomb the shipment of rockets and weaponry every time it crosses into Gaza? Why must they wait until those rockets are raining down into Israeli kindergarten buildings and only THEN go ahead and bomb the empty storage facilities? Something tells me that the Israeli government WANTS those rockets to fall so that THEN they can retaliate. Why MUST they play defense? To placate CNN? The EU? Kristen Gillibrand?


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