NO MONKEY BUSINESS: US Faces Monkey Shortage as Scientists Race to Find Virus Vaccine

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As scientists race to come up with coronavirus treatments and vaccines, they are facing a shortage of monkeys to test their products on, The Atlantic reports.

Monkeys are a key component of the drug approval process. Before a human can receive a treatment or vaccine, it is typically tested on a monkey. And scientists say there just aren’t enough monkeys available.

The shortage is being caused by several factors. According to the outlet, coronavirus has placed an extraordinary demand on the need for the primates, which were already in short supply. On top of the added need, China has dropped its supply to the U.S. because of the pandemic and ongoing trade wars. Last year, 60% of the close to 35,000 monkeys imported to the U.S. came from China, according to The Atlantic.

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  1. Why not give them the upcoming Covid depopulation vaccine that they are planning to inject humans with? If it’s good for people, shouldn’t it be good for monkeys? After all, there are some who claim their ancestors come from monkeys.


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