Noach Dear Appointed to New York State Supreme Court


noach-dearThe Honorable Noach Dear was appointed to the New York State Supreme Court this past Thursday. The announcement was made by the administrative judge of the state courts of New York. Judge Dear served in the civil court system for the past two years.The decision to appoint him to the New York State Supreme Court was made by Her Honor Ann Pfau, the Chief Administrative Judge. Judge Pfau was appointed to her position by Judge Judith Kaye. Judge Dear was appointed as an Acting Supreme Court Justice.

Dear served for over twenty years as a city councilman for his Brooklyn constituents and was elected two years ago as a judge to the civil court. The appointment was made because of Judge Dear’s impressive activities in consumer debt court. The consumer debt court is the first dedicated court of its kind in the United States which deals specifically with the issues of consumer debt collection.

With the rising unemployment and the devastating economy of recent years, consumers are often at a disadvantage when dealing with credit card companies who often utilize technicalities and loopholes to increase fines, fees and percentage rates to people already facing some financial difficulties. Indeed, well close to a half a million people New Yorkers have found themselves as defendants in consumer-debt lawsuits in the past four years alone.

“Judge Dear has been a leader in creating an environment where pro se consumer debt defendants experience due process of law,” said David Tipson, director of New York Appleseed to the Five Towns Jewish Times. New York Appleseed is the New York branch of a national non-profit organization that focuses on systemic change and structural reform in a broad range of legal issues.

Plaintiff debt collectors always have high powered attorneys representing their interests. The average consumer does not nor can he or she readily afford one. Often they receive grossly unfair settlements and judgments against them because of their lack of proper representation.

Judge Dear was effective not only in the courtroom itself but was also frequent contributor to the prestigious New York Law Journal on issues of debt. Many of his articles are referenced in legal opinions by judges throughout New York and around the country.

The Supreme Court appointment allows Judge Dear to hear cases beyond small claims and non-equity cases. This appointment will allow Judge Dear to preside on cases that deal with mortgage foreclosures as well as real estate equity issues. He will continue presiding over consumer debt cases as well. New Yorkers have won big with this appointment.

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  1. And people said and asked two years, “oh waht does Dear know about law”?

    Dear is a walking kiddush hashem because he did what was right and always explained to both parties how he came to his conclusions in judgement. It’s a rarity to see a judge that is fair, honest and balanced.

    If only all judges were like him the world would be a different place.

    It’s amazing to see him in the court room.

  2. Mazel Tov !! Noach Dear must, from now on, be addressed as Justice Noah Dear!. We’re proud for him to serve us as well as the State of New York.

  3. I would like to know, who are his law secretaries and clerks, who write his opinions. They should get credit here. Dear doesn’t write his opinions all by himself.

  4. you are the greatest judge ever, I owed $50,000 in credit card debt and you threw out the case because the credit card’s lawyer did not show up on time. now I am debt free, thank you noah and obama!


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