Non-Orthodox Are A Tiny Minority in Israel

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The Liba Jewish Center for a Jewish Heart Israeli Public Life released facts and figures about Reform and Conservative reach in Israel.

The Conservative movement publicizes that it has seventy-two congregations in Israel, but about 20% of them are not congregations but merely gatherings held for yom tov services once or twice a year.

Similarly, 20% of the fifty centers and communal groups the Reform boasts of only exist at such times. In comparison, thousands of Orthodox congregations exist throughout Israel.

“The power of Reform in Israel is not actually because of the Israeli people’s identification with the Reform approach, but only because of the use of the large amount of money which comes from the U.S. to change the face of Israeli society,” Liba said. “Taking this into account, talk of giving recognition to this insignificant organizations or giving them a foothold in the State of Israel is very puzzling.”

In 2013, the Israel Democracy Institute conducted a survey in which 56.6% of respondents said they did not “feel a sense of belonging to any denomination.” 26.5% said they felt a sense of belonging to the Orthodox denomination, 3.2% said they felt a sense of belonging to the Conservative denomination, 3.9% said the same of Reform, and 9.7% said they did not know or declined to answer the question.

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


  1. Why can’t this be the same in America? The unorthodox are too prevalent.

    There are even many who tell you their grandparents were orthodox and gladly c’vs fight to eat treif hate food.

    Given orthodoxy is growing, where are our humane given values in the marketplace and public community? This is so bad that any jew you know who goes to reform or conservative synagogue should by nickel and dime crime to remember for all prayer for the wicked.

    Time sees Hashem ONLY meant for jews to be Torah observant and kosher orthodox. Might the future keep diminishing the numbers of the toeivah and unorthodox jew? I could hope so.

    I escaped the”hive”. The reform and conservative community is only a hive. They are not shaken because the hate stings. Their prayers are not Shemonei Esrei. The herd they congregate is not a flock. The Shepherd is diminished in their speech.

    Hives are mature hate. We must make the commentary about the pace that can join many to Torah observant thought. My thought is that Hashem is holy understanding when the orthodox are strong. Keep the hive from making the soul into a humiliated grave. More prayer of course and charity. Orthodoxy is working but a hive is terror.

      • Work harder at learning Torah and Jewish Law and you will find that Hashem has allegory and humor. If you are not there yet, I suggest a prayer stool. Try not to hang yourself.


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