North Korea Calls Joe Biden ‘An Imbecile’ And ‘Fool Of Low IQ’

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Over the weekend, former vice president Joe Biden asked a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally whether the United States is a nation that embraces “dictators and tyrants like Putin and Kim Jong Un.” The crowd roared “No!” as Biden responded: “We don’t! But [President Donald] Trump does.”

That didn’t go over so well in Pyongyang, where North Korea’s state-run news agency responded this week by calling Biden “a fool of low IQ.”

“What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician,” the news agency said, according to the AP.

The insult could have been worse.

In 2017, after Trump said Washington would “totally destroy North Korea” if it had to, Kim responded by calling him a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.”

Biden, who is leading in early polling, has “gone reckless and senseless, seized by ambition for power,” the article published by the news agency said. If he thinks he is the most popular candidate, the news agency said, then that’s “enough to make a cat laugh.”

Biden did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

(c) 2019, The Washington Post · Siobhán O’Grady  



  1. Uh oh. Maybe a sign that NK would be more afraid of Sleepy Joe than they are of President Trump…?
    Winder if any Dem is paying attention


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