Norway About To Ban Burkas In Nurseries, Schools And Universities

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Norway today proposed a ban on the full-face veils as politicians believe it damages communication between teachers and pupils.

The ban targets the niqab, burkas, balaclavas and masks, and would apply in nurseries, schools and universities. Local authorities can already ban the full face veil in schools, but there is no national policy.

It would be the first piece of legislation of its kind in any Scandinavian country, and would specifically affect Muslim women who wear either the niqab or the burqa.

Most parties support the bill, and it is expected to pass into law next year. Read more at Metro.




  1. Forced domestication?
    The country allowed uncivilized, uneducated, and radical elements in, and now are attempting to force them to abandon their traditions (no matter how worthless) by legal means. That spells only trouble and violence.


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