NUTS: NY Daily News Further Reveals Anti-Trump Bias with Latest Front Cover

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  1. The NY Daily News has abandoned any pretense of separating their news and editorial sections long before the 2016 election. Rather than reporting Trump-related news and letting the readers form their own conclusions, they fill their articles and headlines with the sarcastic slanted comments that you’d hear in a mikvah (assuming mikva goers hated Trump, anyway). (Your website does the exact same thing albeit favoring Trump, but there’s no comparison between a big, professional news organization and a news blog published by an individual.)

  2. only calling it nuts and not complete insanity..seems actually biased to trump…
    this is worse than nuts its a ploy to get people to stop looking into him and talk about how nuts he is

  3. For crying out loud, Trump’s tweets were nuts. For someone who says he hates fake news, he sure spreads unsubstantiated claims.


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