NY Attorney General Rips ‘Heartless’ Trump University

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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slammed Donald Trump after the GOP presidential nominee spent the weekend criticizing a federal judge about a lawsuit against his Trump University real-estate education venture.

“You defrauded people out of money,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Tuesday. “They’re entitled to their day in court. He keeps saying it’s an easy case to win, but he keeps losing. All he’s doing is delaying.”

Schneiderman added that Trump demonstrated a “willingness to lie to people” to get them into his “phony seminars” and that it was “heartless.” He added, “It’s important information to get out there and I think that between the judge releasing these records and other things, I hope all the facts will get out that can between now and the election. I think it’s important public policy.” Read more at Politico.

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  1. To a New York State Attorney General, interference in politics and people’s lives to get big headlines is Job One.

  2. I agree more with RAM, then with charlie gall what ever your name is, and it also depends if you took your pills

    • Charlie Gall is a troll, and his comments are not, nor ever were, funny. We should just ignore him, just like the weird Anonymous who posts incoherent gibberish.

  3. Trump is pro jewish. I
    hope Trump teaches these liberals a lesson when he gets elected. Stop terrorism vote Trump.


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