NY Attorney General Wants To Become Trump’s No. 1 Enemy

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Eric Schneiderman understands the risks of taking on Donald Trump. New York’s attorney general was a target of Trump’s Twitter feed years before the president’s assaults on “Little Marco” Rubio or “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, the AP reports.

The 62-year-old Democrat with little national profile is maneuvering to be a key player in the broader Trump resistance. Backed by one of the nation’s largest public law firms, he is positioned to challenge Trump’s agenda in ways his Democratic allies in Washington cannot

Schneiderman and his legal team of nearly 700 attorneys are focused on the Republican president.

But Ed Zimmerman, who leads a tech group at a local law firm, praised the attorney general for taking on the president despite the risks. “He’s Trump’s No. 1 enemy,” Zimmerman said. Read more at the Japan Times.


  1. Does that mean he’s resigning from being AG of NY? Obviously he wouldn’t take a fat salary on the backs of the taxpayers and instead of doing his job, just try to engage in self aggrandizement, hoping the crazy left will carry him on their shoulders to the national stage (of stooges – see chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, hillary clinton etc.)

  2. I do not understand why what Schneiderman is doing is not illegal.

    One is prohibited using public funds for partisan political activity or for personal users and vendettas. Schneiderman is admittedly doing that, using tax payer funded resources and personnel for partisan political activity and for personal vendettas.

    Something smells rotten here.


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