NY Judge Tosses Ted Cruz Eligibility Suit

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A New York state judge on Monday dismissed a challenge to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s natural-born citizen status.

The lawsuit was originally filed by two residents who believe that because Cruz was born in Canada (to an American mother), he does not meet the “natural-born citizen” requirement for the presidency, and should not be eligible for New York’s ballot.

Acting state Supreme Court Justice David Weinstein opted to throw out the suit because it was filed well after the deadline to raise ballot objections had passed. Read more at USA Today.

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  1. What a joke. The New York primaries are totally meaningless. By the time the NY primaries rolls around, the elections are decided. The primaries always starts with a bunch of loser states that have no bearing on the rest of the Country. Iowa? Vermont? N.H.? Kansas? Port Rico? LOL! It should start right off the bat with California, New York, Florida, Ohio, Texas, the big states with the largest populations. THAT would be a true indicator of which candidates are serious.


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