NY State Brochure Criticizes Bris Milah


bris-milahBy Rabbi Levi Y. Heber

The State of NY has recently begun distributing, through hospital maternity wards, a brochure explicitly targeting the Jewish mother, against the traditional bris.

The brochure alleges health concerns to the newborn, thereby cautioning the parents and suggesting that the Bris practice be altered.

The pamphlet concludes, “For more information on circumcision, talk to your family doctor or pediatrician.”

“The Bris should not be mistaken to the commonly performed circumcision in America by doctors or pediatricians,” says mohel Rabbi Levi Heber. “Our sages within Halachic guidelines are the ones to direct us and are to be consulted in how to perform a Mitzva. It should be clear that Jewish law is more compassionate about life or health issues than that of any government claiming to be concerned. In fact, many urologists and trained surgeons consider the traditional Bris method performed for thousands of years: “A simplified and expeditious method with excellent results and low complication” in comparing to the commonly performed circumcision by doctors. History has proven that no good has ever come from governments meddling in the Jewish way of observing G-d’s commandments. This brochure has caused some uninformed Jewish parents not to have a Bris but rather have a doctor do circumcision.”



  1. The author of the article is quoted in the article! I guess he did his homework and found that the best authority on the matter was, in fact, himself.


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